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Powered by thousands of unheard voices

Social media data isn’t just data. Used properly, it’s a robust, living, breathing focus-group, offering thousands of unfiltered beliefs and experiences.

By applying our scientific methodology to the large volumes of data gathered from digital channels, we connect you with your customers, giving you the evidence you need to make confident, data-driven decisions. Look back to see how beliefs and perceptions have changed, take a snapshot in time, or listen prospectively to guide future decision-making.

Industries we serve:

Why listen to a few…

When you can listen to thousands!

Through our in-depth digital analysis and tailored industry reports, we’re here to support you through your full lifecycle from new product development through to launch activities.

We’re relentless when it comes to offering the best service to our clients, with our solutions delivering actionable insights you can use, at a cost that makes sense.


Make informed business decisions based on industry intelligence


Increase market share through data driven decisions


Enhance your understanding of key customer groups


Undertake detailed competitor intelligence with no stone left unturned


Generate evidence for licenses and new claims within your portfolio


Improve your digital communications and marketing activity


Drive forward your publication strategy


We’re not your typical market researchers

We’re a team of digital alchemists, including pharmaceutical physicians, marketeers and research experts.

We offer the right mix of ingredients to help you solve the real problems, enabling you to remain fierce in a competitive environment. By applying our scientific methodology to data gathered from digital channels, we use our unique blend of skills to create strategies that answer your challenges and help guide decision making.

1000s of data sources, including premium social media channels

Our Process

Our scientific methodology sets us apart from traditional research agencies.

Our process is not only unique to us, but it’s also been peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals, it’s that good!

Our Solutions

We offer a range of one-off projects to suit your needs

It could be digital listening for a specific event, support with opinion leader and influencer identification, a prospective listen to identify potential new claims, or digital intel to support a new product launch and its impact on the market. Our bespoke projects are built around your challenges and needs, giving you an in-depth digital analysis, quickly.

You can choose:


Which platforms / digital sources to include

The keywords, competitors and key outcomes

The time frame

Whether to listen to the digital environment prospectively or retrospectively

How you need the data delivering and what outputs you prefer


Case Studies

ROAR has changed the strategic direction for a well known over the counter (OTC) product repositioning an entire portfolio based on findings from our digital customer intel.

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We have provided the biggest digital consumer preference study of its kind for a major conference in Dermatology, highlighting lived experiences of over 3million people with eczema & psoriasis.

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Our digital scientific and medical expertise has redefined the view of what is being discussed in Osteoporosis, delivering a headline conference presentation & supporting brand launch.

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Harnessing the power of digital research, we have enabled our client to generate a significant number of robust new claims, redefining its position and highlighting new opportunities.

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Our digital research and experience with the regulatory process, has allowed evidence to be generated to defend active marketing authorisation for established products.

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We have also supported new products prior to launch, generating in-depth digital analyses to help shape future communications and engagement programmes.

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By listening to tens of thousands of unbiased unfiltered opinions, we deliver customer intel and market research at scale to support your product, marketing and evidence-generation strategies, across your entire product portfolio.

Whatever your challenge, we can expand our data sources to include other markets and languages, as well as social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok to give you the full picture.

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